WSDL has Enum defined with case sensitive enum, causing problems in my application

So I have a 3rd party who has this WSDL file for their online API. One of the enums they have defined are case sensitive. For example the first enum is “aa”, the second enum is “AA”.

Obviously in VB.Net, we are case insensitive. So the IDE is highlighting all these as errors for name collision within the Enum.

After importing their service reference, my project has generated 276 errors, all of which are due to them re-using names with different casings.

Is there a way I can get this to work, or do I need to modify the auto-generated code to remove the duplicates? Is that even safe? If I remove the “aa” variant, and they send “aa” as the value across, will VB.Net understand that it should be “AA”?


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