Where should I start?

Apologies for this basic question, but looking for guidance. I need to set up a single URL endpoint (r/https://mydomain.com/documentlistener) that does nothing more than wait for POST data (a vendor will be sending us XML docs) and process the XML. The POST is automated, and no views/pages need to be returned. This is the ‘application’ in its entirety and it will never need any additional endpoints or functionality.

I don’t need any help or guidance on the processing, just wondering about the approach (Web Forms, MVC, Web API, ?). It’s been a long time since I dabbled in ASP.NET and so I’m trying to figure out which project type I should use…. Are MVC and SPA overkill for my super simple, viewless app? Are Web Forms kind of deprecated? Should I just choose an empty project and create a single default.aspx page (which is my first inclination, and not sure why I wouldn’t just do this, but if there’s a more ‘2018’ way of doing things….) ?

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