What kind of free online tool would be helpful to you?

I have a website that you may be familiar with www.poshgui.com it provides free online tools for PS

Currently, it has: * Win Form GUI builder * IDE * Cmdlet Builder * Repository

However, I can see that while form builder and repository are quite popular, the IDE and cmdlet builder is not used very much

as I plan to spend the next couple of weeks on it’s development, I’d like to ask you what kind of features/tools would be helpful to you in your daily work? as I don’t want to spend time developing something that nobody will use

WPF Designer and fixing current bugs are already requested and will be developed.

Keep in mind the site is focused on simple tools, that allow for solving the problem quickly, it’s not meant to be used instead of large sophisticated platforms.

Of course, any tool you’ll recommend will be free to use, I do it for fun 🙂

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