PowerShell Module for Discord Webhooks


I’ve created a module that allows you to easily send embeds, files, or text, to a Discord webhook.

The module stores config files in your home dir under .psdshookconfigs. Feedback welcomed.


Is does require PS Core at the moment. The way it handles multi-part form data is the reason for this.

Example of using it:

Invoke-PsDsHook -CreateConfig -WebhookUrl 'https://discordapp.com/api/webhooks/4221456689714954341337/thisisfakeandwillnotwork' -Verbose using module PSDsHook $embedBuilder = [DiscordEmbed]::New( 'title', 'description' ) $embedBuilder.WithColor( [DiscordColor]::New( 'purple' ) ) Invoke-PSDsHook -EmbedObject $embedBuilder -Verbose 

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