Modern alternatives for Piccolo2D.NET?

I am drawing a 2D version of a pathfinding map from game data. It makes a very large mesh-looking UI. I am currently using Piccolo2D.NET which is over 12 years old now (and hasn’t seen support or bugfixes in that timeframe either), in my winforms form. My program does many other things and I am moving as much as I can to WPF, and I wouldn’t mind seeing if it is possible to move this project too. I know I can just use a hosted control, but I was wondering if anyone has an alternative to something like Piccolo2D.NET that is more modern and supported.

Here’s an image of my use of it:

I know I could probably do this directly, but I would like to not have to re-invent the wheel if possible. Things that I like about Piccolo is that you can drag and drop to move stuff, zoom, etc.

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