Extract usernames from AD aswell as enable & reset password?

Need some expert knowledge on Powershell with Active directory as mine is rather rookie.

Due to some very long winded circumstances i have 3 identifiers available pull the correct account from AD, enable it and reset the password automatically. (First Name, Surname and Created date.) Now we currently have a script in place which automates the enabling and resetting of password but we have to manually grab each individual username and copy/paste to the script… ball busting for 30+ staff p/w, i know.

If users have the same name the next available number is used. (If john.smith1 is in use, it will use john.smith2)

Can powershell differentiate the two by created dates? (Which 2 weeks would be fine)

Is it possible to do this or atleast in half?

So the 1st script will use the 3 identifiers and save username to text/excel sheet if need be

and the 2nd script use the usernames to do the rest?

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