CI/CD options for .Net 4.x web apps to dedicated server from BitBucket?

Our source code is in Bitbucket and currently I’m deploying the apps using WebDeploy publishing to IIS from Visual Studio. I need a more automated process as the number of sites is increasing, and something that would include some JS and CSS build steps.

Ideally I’d like the process to be: 1) Push to master branch 2) Tool automatically grabs the source code, runs an npm install, runs npm build and gulp to process the JS/CSS 3) Results published to IIS

Optionally I’d also like the tool to run a set of unit and integration tests before the final publish. I’m open to CI/CD services or installing software on the server but our budget is small.

If you need specifics it’s currently a single solution with 3 web app projects, each of which need to be deployed to a test, staging, or live server depending on the branch being pushed, using webpack to compile/transpile Vue and gulp to build CSS from SASS.

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