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I am a sysadmin. I am not scared of the command line but scripting to me is like reading japanese. I started out doing hardware, moved into support and system administration. I use PowerShell commands all the time. I can find enough in some scripts to modify them but unlike most people with CS degrees, I am lacking the fundamentals of programming. Thats developer stuff and I stayed away from it. I realize now its needed. Any advice for an old sysadmin who has managed to avoid coding to learn how to code? I seriously have no CS foundation. I need one. School is not really an option. I learn things all the time in my job but I may have an aversion to coding. I was always horrible at math too. I have computers for that. I want to get some scripting skills. Most learn powershell info I find assumes you already understand defining variables and know what curly brackets and $._foobar means. Yet I am great with the linux command line

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