Azure File Sync questions/options

My small company (15 users) is running SBS2011 Standard. I’ve been tasked with mirroring our company file shares to the cloud. In the past, the built in remote web workplace was sufficient for remote file access but a recent 3 day internet outage was cause for concern. Anyway, OneDrive and Sharepoint online won’t really work the way I want (real-time sync between on-prem and cloud, retaining active directory permissions and folder structures). Azure File Sync seems like it would fit the bill. HOWEVER, it apparently won’t run on SBS2011, only 2012 or 2016 versions of WS. Option 1 is to upgrade our server, but I’m also wondering if I can make do for now with a NAS running Windows Storage Server 2012/2016. (Seagate WSS NAS for example). Any idea if Azure File Sync can run on that OS?

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