Anyone worked with building Azure HPC on large scale (6000 cores)?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some best practices when working with Azure HPC, in other words, how to migrate 6000 cores workload from on-premise to Azure. (used for risk calculation in finance)

After going through some blogs and documents, i noticed that there are 3 ways to approach

– Build HPC myself that is create a bunch of VM in Azure (put them in Scale Set)

– Hybrid using HPC Pack (deploy new VM from on-premise side)

– Azure Batch

Since i’m complete newbie, anyone can provide some detailed steps how to start in this case?

For example,

– Have to assess the on-premise HPC to see what it’s running inside? How long does it take to process?

– Migrate all to Azure HPC then destroy on-premise HPC.

– Remove HPC after finishing processing. Create when needed. etc


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