Sizing question

I have an E4s_v3 box that we want to beef up to do some load testing. I need more RAM and CPU. What is the biggest box I can upgrade to and then subsequently downgrade back to? We only need a week of the bigger box to run some metrics. I am worried that I […]

Advice for DataTables?

I’m currently trying to figure out how to get percent differences from current data/values from one dataTable and considering putting the results into another dataTable in order to export. My current dataTable is getting results from a Stored Procedure from my SQL Server. Should I try to keep it within SQL Server or would it […]

Powershell Workflow Restart-Wait Not working

I’m attempting to run this on a remote computer and the restart wait isn’t working The code is below. It should work even though it’s running on the local machine when I invoke the workflow on it. $computerName = “” $session = New-PSSession -ComputerName $computerName $todaysDate = get-date $filename = “$hostname_$todaysDate_PrePatchServices” Invoke-Command -session $session -ScriptBlock […]