WPF with Powershell – Auto fill textbox

Hey guys,

So I’m slowly working on my new employee script, to add an active directory user.

I’m ‘designing’ a GUI for this and I would like to tweak a small thing but don’t know how.

This is my script.

So I have my script to auto fill the email by using $name.$lastname@mycompany.com

It works great, when I click “create user” it fills the email attribute as I described, but now I would like it to also fill the same conent inside the “email” textbox.

Other way of explaining this: I want it to automatically add whatever I type in “FirstName” textbox and “LastName” textbox and to add @mycompany.com after it.

I want this because sometimes a user isn’t necessarily firstname.lastname, so I would like to have the option to change this 🙂

Anyone has an idea how do I do this?

Thanks 🙂

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