What are good US Cities/Markets for .NET developers?

I currently live in Chicago and have 5 years within .NET. I honestly have been having a hard time finding a new job here. I currently work for a large company where I was misled during the interview process and work as the sole developer on a obscure internal application. I have to do everything from level 1 support up to coding enhancements, and honestly the work is mostly support vs development.

I either can’t seal the deal after going through interviews, or companies dismiss me because a lot of my background is in support related development roles where I fix bugs, etc. I did have a 2.5 year stint as a “real” software developer.

I think at this point I have spoken to or interviewed at every .NET shop within this city that I know of.

I am heavily considering moving and trying a different market, but I have no idea where I’d move to. I’m thinking NYC, but the cost of living would be much higher.

I would like to get opinions here.

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