[VS 2017 Console] Access to the path ‘C: Program Files’ is denied

I’m working on a Auto-updater for one of my games and it basically downloads a .ZIP file from my website, it deletes the old game files, then it extracts the .ZIP file but every time when it launches the extractor for the ZIP file the Extractor crashes. I’ve also replaced the name of my game to “**mygame*”.

(The “udt-loain” folder is the folder where the temporary files of the ZIP files extract since i’ve been getting a error before with “File is in use” or something like that)


I don’t know what to do since i’ve been looking everywhere for a answer, i’ve tried tons of things but nothing worked. The console writes that after trying to extract then it crashes.

Both the auto-updater and the extractor are executed as administrators (i’ve done that using the app.manifest) and there are no read-only files.

Here’s the whole entire code of the extractor program (i’ve modified some things a bit)


(i’m pretty new to C# so sorry if i messed some things up)

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