Tools beyond vanilla Powershell?

As I’m working with Powershell I’m finding that I’m liking it more and more as time goes on. I’ve been wondering if there’s any reason to bother with say, extra software like Powershell Studio.


I have a bit of a nasty habit of buying things I don’t end up using. A $5000 gaming rig that I hardly play any games on. PingPlotter Pro that I don’t actively use. Slitheris license for unlimited devices when I hardly ever scan more than 50 network devices.


Kind of wondering if this is a trap I’m falling into again. Our clients are primarily small business (medium would be a stretch IMO), so most have very simple setups. 1 do-everything server, and maybe 15 workstations, sometimes the server is optional.


Would this be more for professional Powershell engineers essentially authoring their own apps? How would I go about refining my Powershell skills more? I’ve been loitering around the TechNet Gallery for useful nuggets but can’t say a lot catches my eye as far as the needs and uses that we normally deal with.

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