Teaching Intro to powershell, hoping for some input

I recently took on a role of teaching introduction to powershell at a college level and I am in the process of creating my course material and lesson plans. While I have some great creative ideas, I figured there is no reason I can’t tap the minds of Reddit to see if they recall any super neat, possibly even fun (could be possible!), lessons or assignment tasks that a teacher or prof gave them. Or if you yourself, or a teacher/professor, something you love doing to show them powershell.

I am by no means looking to have my work done for me as I am well into it, and I apologize if this is the wrong kind of post for this subreddit. I just want to give them the best education and experience I can, and sometimes the best can come from having fresh perspectives, or different experiences of users who have thought about it before.

I guess I am looking for some neat resources to use with my College level students, or to provide to them. If I am posting in the wrong place, is there a better place?

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