React with ASP.Net Core 2.

Apologies for deleting the previous post, wanted to make my question clear and succinct.

I’m from ASP.Net MVC background and am new to .Net Core and React. I’m now faced with a situation of creating a new application using ASP.Net core and React.

So which of the following approaches is preferable.

  1. Create a ASP.Net Core 2 MVC project and add React package to it and then make only the UI in react and adding the JSX script tag in the view(cshtml). I believe this does not need Node.js server to be present I believe, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Create a ASP.Net Core 2 Web application with React template and use Web API(?) in the back end. This I believe would need Node.js to be present along with IIS which is my primary host.

Do let me know the pros/cons of both approaches and any other factual errors in my approaches. Any other approach is welcomed.

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