Questions about learning C# from a javascript background

So I’m 15 (yeah a kid I know) and I’m kinda a beginner full-stack developer (Bad frontend side because of designing but can manage, a beginner-to-average backend developer(Node.js + Express) but I’m learning quickly)

I’m averagely well in Javascript(Definitely not professional though) and passed through a lot of languages but can’t name myself a programming in any of them, all of them were just for fun and I was doing some simple console programs.

However I always wanted to learn C# and I have some questions for it:

Is C# desktop applications are so different than pages’ frontend?

Is C# relatively easy and learning it will be quick since I have a Javascript and a general programming background?

Is learning C# going to help me when it comes to web in general?

Is C# as versatile as Javascript?

How is WebAssembly doing? Are there uses for it?

Is there any other uses for C# when it comes to other platforms(Mobile, Desktop, Servers, Games…etc)?

Is C# GUI API or whatever it uses as frustrating as CSS(It was always the problem for me when it comes to frontend)?

Is there a future for C#? Is it going to die if happened and Windows died as well?

Is C# Ecosystem as big as Javascript/Node.js? Is there any NPM counterpart for .NET?

I hope I find answers for this.

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