[Question] noob here,trying to implement selenium check in my devOps webApp project, but to no availl

Sup folks?

having a little trouble as a noob,here’s my situation:

i have a web app done based on a tutorial (something like this https://www.azuredevopslabs.com/labs/vstsextend/devopsprojectforjava/, slightly changed to my presentation but basically the same). For this app i have a devOps build/release pipeline working and i have a test case for this web app written on visual studio code 2017 using selenium.

On vs17 my code works,the test executes and passes/failes as expected. Now when i try to embed this test on my pipeline i fail drastically. I have my local directory with my dll files,etc, witch i also include in my build pipeline. on my release pipeline i have vsts test installer and and a vsts test run task, but when releasing i run into errors,such as :

[error]Input validation failed with exception: Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestService.AgentExecutionHost.InputException: Invalid on demand test run id 0. Has to be greater than 0.

any suggestions or help is higly appreciated

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