PSWinDocumentation – Documentation/Data to Word/Excel/SQL from AD, AWS, Exchange, Office 365 – Starter Pack

Just wanted to release this before new week starts. With help of my work colleague Mateusz (you may want to follow him on GitHub if you’re into AWS – as he’s fully focused to deliver some nice stuff for AWS) we were able to add:

  • Allows Exporting to Microsoft SQL (that’s right – export data directly to SQL – complete with create table, alter table and inserts) – not sure if anyone fancies this but can be useful to have snapshots in time of your AD, AWS, Exchange or Office 365.
  • Basic data set for AWS (provided by Mateusz Niemczyk )
  • Advanced data set Active Directory
  • Basic data set Microsoft Exchange
  • Basic data set Office 365 – Exchange Online
  • Basic data set Office 365 – Azure AD
  • Prescanning of data headers for exports (unravel hidden data)
  • Ability to define TableColumnWidths in sections

This release is a bit of proof-of-concept how more data sets were added. If you feel you can help or you have some needs for data sets feel free to provide your needs on GitHub. Otherwise I will most likely add it myself within next few weeks.

Blog post about it: (I may still add some stuff to it).

As always it was published to Github, PowerShellGallery and so on.

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