Convert ODS to/from XLSX.

I have ODS-files that I need to convert to XLSX, do some work on them, and then convert them back to ODS. I have: $excel=New-Object -comobject Excel.Application but I’m lost after that, and can’t seem to find the right method. It shoud be a simple Open and SaveAs. Any help/suggestions would be most welcome, thanks […]

Rename portion of directory

I have a directory full subdirectories that follow the following naming convention: DISABLED-db_<END_EPOCH_TIME>_<START_EPOCH_TIME>_number so for example: DISABLED-db_1385877600_1385877600_444 DISABLED-db_1411621200_1366952400_561 What I need to do is set a start number, then rename those files, removing the DISABLED- and changing the number, and having them be renamed sequentially. So, if the number I picked was 700, they would […]

Setting up Azure AD DS for group policy and LDAP

Hello, I’ve been setting up Azure AD DS for our small business. I’ve just completed the Getting Started section (tasks 1 to 5) from Now I want to be able to set up Secure LDAP as well as remote powershell and group policy. So I continued reading the tutorial and it seems I have […]

2018 – Time for Domain-less?

With DSC, Automation for patches and Azure Log Analytics (aka OMS), has anyone in a large company / enterprise been successful in going domain-less in the cloud? I feel like the only few things holding us back are managing access to servers (can’t be sharing the local Administrator account), and legacy kerberos/ntlm (ie. SQL Server). […]