Might Microsoft start to charge for .NET Core?

What do you believe – will Microsoft start to charge for .NET Core in any way?

As you may know Oracle plans that certain updates to Java SE Advanced and Java Suite will only be available to paying customer

In the past Microsoft earned money because .NET was part of the operating system. AFAIK no license is required to use .NET Core on linux so this changes how microsoft earns money.

Infos and links – reading optional 😉

End of Public Updates Oracle will make available to Commercial Users and Personal Users updates to publicly available versions of Oracle Java SE in accordance with the table below. Once a Java SE version reaches “End of Public Updates”, any further updates will be available only to Customers

  • Release: 11 (18.9^ LTS)
  • GA Date: September 2018³
  • Premier Support Until² Notification: September 2023
  • Extended Support Until²: September 2026
  • Sustaining Support²: indefinite

This oracle price list contains the cost for updates on page 4.

The register wrote Microsoft increased the license cost for Windows Server 2016 and according to computerwold.com msft plans to increase them with Windows Server 2019

The msft support policy states:

Long Term Support (LTS) releases are supported for the following timeframe, whichever is longer: * Three years after initial release. * One year after a subsequent LTS release.

To my understanding the support for .NET Core 2.1 ends on August 20, 2021.

What do you believe – will Microsoft start to charge for .NET Core in any way?

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