Microsoft AI & Machine Learning courses

Hi guys,

I’m an Electro Engineering student that has relative quiet semester before graduating in the next semester. I thought I fill up this quiet time with some more self studying. I have great affiliation with software engineering in general and especially machine learning caught my attention lately. I remember reading a while back Microsoft opened up courses about AI and machine learning to the public, potentially being free? At the time I didn’t have the time to invest in it, but now I do wouldn’t mind taking a dive into it.

  • Would somebody know where I could find these Microsoft courses or information about them?
  • Would somebody know other great sources for AI and machine learning courses, tutorials, documentation, books, study material?

Free would be a huge plus btw, as at the end of my studying money is a bit scarce.

I have quite some experience with C, C++, C#, JS and python so it doesn’t necessarily has to be in the .Net ecosystem.

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