Making a console RPG to get in to C#

Man I’m having a hella good time. It’s so much more complicated than my old QBASIC RPG’s used to be. Im serializing all the game data to XML and I had to make room and creature editors for it so it has built in creation functionality, all that before I was able to actually make anything playable, but now I’m getting to the point where you can make a character and go run around and fight guys and its just great.

I love this programming language. The way you can put classes inside the classes to make everything all fit together like puzzle pieces and functions for fucking everything to simplify shit.

Got functions for colorizing text that parses out things like #c #r #y for cyan red and yellow and stuff and prints in color and I have one that lets you add text to Column 1 or Column 2 then prints it out breaking it into 2 columns at a preset width. Another one that compares whats typed against any or all of a keyword, so you don’t have to type fight, you can type fi or figh.

I dunno why I’m posting this, I’m just excited to be programming again.


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