Learning by doing

I’ve just begun my IT career as I’ve started as a “network support technician” which basically means corporate handles the heavy lifting my my supervisor and I are boots on the ground for physical network issues, system updates, account unlocks, managing inventory, taking care of student computer problems and managing the laptop loaner program. (All of our courses are done online so if a student breaks or some how renders his laptop inoperable, we loan them one for a few day rarely more than a week)

With all this in mind can anyone suggest any starter projects or ideas to put powershell into use so that I can better learn it? My one idea currently is to write a script to automate the clean up of student loaners. (Erasing browser history from the 3 major browsers and initiating disk clean up/system clean up) I don’t need anything groundbreaking, just projects to help direct what I’m learning.

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