Is it worthy to change Node.js to core?

So I’m kind of a very beginner full-stack developer(Bad frontend but I can manage, beginner backend but I’m definitely progressing well)

I use Node.js + Express for backend and I’m learning. I have heard about core and how it uses C#(a much better language than JS when it comes to typing) and how it has better performance than Node.js and stuff like that, the problem is that I have to learn C#, Its syntax is not hard at all, it’s almost the same as Javascript from what I have seen but it’s definitely gonna take me more weeks to take hold of its concepts then I will have to learn core that I think uses Angular too much so I would learn that too and also I heard that Desktop development is basically dead compared to Web development so that may waste my time learning C# so my question:

Is it worthy to learn C#/ASP.Net core and switch to it from Node.js or I should just stick to Node.js and learn more until I become much better and experienced backend developer in it?

To be fully honest, from what I have seen in internet, people seem that they like/use Node.js much more than but I dunno. I posted this in webdev subreddit too so I can get a clearer answer.

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