Google Recaptcha v2 or v3 on classic ASP form.

I’m an EHR analyst and I’ve been tossed into server architecture and web development. I’m stuck using ASP.NET for vendor reasons. We have a web-form for support and we got trashed a few weeks ago. Previously there was a web-form with ReCaptcha v1.0 on it but that was causing customer dissatisfaction and we wanted to switch to the ‘I’m not a robot’ version (100% of the time and never show pictures) or the Invisible ReCaptcha which I just heard about today.

Long story long I’m having two problems.

  1. In IE, I ALWAYS get the picture ReCaptcha after I click the ‘I’m not a robot box’ but I never get it in Chrome. This is happening on multiple networks, with multiple user accounts, across different versions (ie9, ie 11, Edge) and different PC’s. Ive changed the ReCaptcha settings to ‘Easiest’ thinking it would help this but it hasn’t made a difference.

  1. I can not get my VBScript page to respect the Recaptcha status. Currently the Submit button is disabled until the ReCaptcha response is received. I’ve spent most of my day banging my head against this wall looking for a solution. I can’t figure out how to make the button enable on reciept
    of the google validation. I’ve found a bunch of examples via google but haven’t seen anyone really have success with it.

Has anyone here every successfully implemented v2 or v3 in their pages, if so, can you point me in the direction of a good resource or give me some pointers. I don’t have the code available at the time of typing this up.

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