Error creating a read-only user on the read-only copy of an Azure SQL failover group.

In short, I have an Azure SQL failover group for our primary LOB database. I’ve created a read-only user in the primary database, and want to use the context of that read-only user against the read-only copy of our database for reporting purposes.

The issue I’m running into is that the read-only user I’ve created can log in to mgmt studio just fine against the primary database, but fails for the read-only, replicated copy. If I log into the read-only copy with the admin account, I can see that the read-only user exists in the available server logins, and the users under the database I’m wanting to work with, but not under the master database. I can’t create the user in master directly, since it’s a read-only copy of the database.

I’ve tried destroying the failover group, blowing away the geo-replicated copy, re-seeding the secondary database, and recreating the failover group, to no avail.

Is there some caveat I’m missing here? I can’t find much in the way of whitepages or docs that cover this.

Any help is much appreciated.

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