Create a Cloud Service Package from Pre-Compiled Application?


‘We’ use an ASP.NET MVC application developed by 3rd party vendor. The application is currently hosted in Azure on Virtual Machines.

The application is provided to us by the vendor pre-compiled in a zip archive. To install/update the application, the contents of the zip archive are extracted and copied to the c:inetpubwwwroot folder on the web front end VMs. The application also has a dependency on the Crystal Reports runtime, which is installed on the web front end VMs.

I’m looking to optimize our current setup and reduce the administrative overhead of operating system and sql patching. I’ve investigated migrating the application to either Azure App Services or Azure Cloud Services with its database hosted in an Azure SQL Database. I’m leaning towards Cloud Services as we will need to install the Crystal Reports Runtime.

The articles i’ve read indicate that I need Visual Studio to build a Cloud Service Package from the applications’ source code. Since we do not have access to the source code for this application, is there a way to build a cloud service package from the pre-compiled application files provided by the vendor?

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