Azure Kubernetes Service – Http Application Routing Giving 502

We are trying to host our API in AKS but we are hitting the same issue no matter what ingress option we use. We are running the latest version of kubernetes(1.11.2) on AKS with Http application routing configured. All the services and Pods are healthy according to the dashboard and the DNS Zone /healthz is returning 200, so that’s working.

All of the api services are built using the latest version of dotnet core with the / route configured to return a status code 200.

The services & deployments are in this gist

Firstly, we tried to use Path Based Fanout, the yaml is here

But we were hitting a 502 bad gateway for each path. We then tried aggregating the ingresses and assigning a host per service, which is here

The Azure DNS Zone is adding the correct txt and A records for each of the services but we are still hitting the 502.

From what we can tell from googling it seems as though the wiring of the ingress to the services is screwy, but as far as we can see our deploy script looks ok. But I’m honestly totally worn down from trying to get this working so I’m probably missing something stupid. Ideally we would like to use the path based fanout option, so what could the issue be?

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