Working around ASPNET Core virtual host proxy limitation.

Good afternoon, I’ve recently finished my ASPNET Core web app ( any input appreciated), but my intentions weren’t to shamelessly plug it. If you go to the README of the aforementioned repository, you’ll see that ‘Installation’ bit isn’t filled at all – which brings us to the issue I’m having. Right after finishing the app, […]

PSWinDocumentation – Documentation/Data to Word/Excel/SQL from AD, AWS, Exchange, Office 365 – Starter Pack

Just wanted to release this before new week starts. With help of my work colleague Mateusz (you may want to follow him on GitHub if you’re into AWS – as he’s fully focused to deliver some nice stuff for AWS) we were able to add: Allows Exporting to Microsoft SQL (that’s right – export […]

Reading objects at arbitrary addresses using completely safe code.

First off, here’s the code. Seems to compile fine using mono on Linux. public static class Program { public static int Main() { var foo = new System.Text.StringBuilder(“Bye Bye, “); var bar = new System.Text.StringBuilder(“World?”); YourStuff.SecretSauce(foo); System.Console.WriteLine(foo.ToString() + bar.ToString()); if (foo.ToString() == “Hello, ” && bar.ToString() == “World!”) { return 0; } System.Console.WriteLine(“You have failed!”); […]

How do I access certain values of an XML document?

Here’s my document: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <current> <temperature value=”71.37″ min=”69.44″ max=”73.94″ unit=”fahrenheit”> </temperature> </current> I just want to get the min and max temperatures but I don’t know how to access them. Here’s my code: WebClient client = new WebClient(); // Get the response string from the URL. string xml = client.DownloadString(url); XmlDocument doc = […]