How to wire in tests, dependency management and portability into the build?

I’m coming from the Java/maven dev world and frankly, I’ve been spoiled. It’s stupid easy to wire in both dependency management, test frameworks, reporting frameworks, publishing, etc with maven. I primarily build from the command line but all of this is also integrated into the IDE too and it’s trivial to extent. One click/command builds, […]


I am having trouble understanding delegates – since it is easier to ask this question in CSharp vs English, I wrote the following: Please consider the following considerations: Consideration A:[with delegate]: Consideration B:[no delegate ]: Why would I use delegates (in Consideration A), vs not using them (in Consideration B)? My assumptions include: […]

Class Inheritance

Suppose I have two classes: class Employee{} class ExternalEmployee : Employee {} Lets say I have an Employee $e = [Employee]::new() I want to create an External Employee from the Employee I’ve tried these and the don’t work: $ex = [ExternalEmployee]$e ..nor.. $ex = [ExternalEmployee]::new($e) I’ve coded nothing to make the 2nd one work, so […]