Office 365 OffBoarding Employees Script

This script can be used as part of the offboarding process for an employee. It will do the following:

  1. Block O365 Sign-In.
  2. Disconnect Existing sessions in case employee is signed in at another location.
  3. Forward emails to assigned Manager
  4. Set Internal and External Out-Of-Office
  5. Cancel all meetings organized by employee
  6. Remove from all distribution groups
  7. Re-assign O365 Group Ownerships.
  8. Remove from all O365 Groups
  9. Make Manager admin for OneDrive for Business account
  10. Send an email to the Manager when all is completed, with results.

The PS script is already available, I have used this to create a nice GUI application, I am changing a few things in it so that it will be easily transferable to any company, i.e. define your own domains, etc. I will let you have a copy if you want, just let me know.

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