Dear Dotnet, please advise me.

Good evening friends!

I am a web developer who is at a company that is using some end of life technologies. I am the only developer there. We are making big changes and one of the changes is rebuilding the website in dot net. I have clearly laid out the risks and the time commitment for such a project for our stakeholders in doing such a bold move.

The problem, and why I come to you for advice, is that I am not a dot net developer. No. Before I was hired I was a PHP/nodejs developer, typically but not always with a React frontend that would just consume the APIs I built. I currently work on a vanilla PHP (5.4) and jQuery (1.x) website. The website is I believe too complicated for a SPA, or beyond my abilities. Perhaps it is a good fit for SPA I’m not really sure, maybe this is something you could help me figure out.

What the site does: Parse massive amounts of uploaded XML files, generate XML, lots of decryption of decryption (decrypt a string, that string is actually another encryption with a different salt so on and so forth), save and upload files, lots of forms and order processing, extensive search functions of our file system, convert submitted forms to pdf and email them, generate massive PDFs and save to filesystem (documentation of product installations), and two layers of authentication (the kind where you call us and we give you an account . . . you can’t just sign up because we are a private company).

Where is a great place to learn the basics before I have to begin building this bad boy? Does anyone have advice on how to approach this project? Should I just stick with Razor pages or use React as a front end? Razor pages with jQuery? I am completely lost as to the ecosystem of dotnet.

TL;DR: Entry level web developer tasked with building site in dotnet doesn’t know dotnet and would like advice.

PS: Before you rag on the company for not providing better resources for this, and a capable team around me to help . . . I actually just view this as job security and a fantastic learning opprotunity.

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