[Assemblies] Loading Couchbase / any NO-SQL into PowerShell…

I’ve been successful in loading the SQLite assembly into PowerShell and routinely use it to store some information about my environment. (Mostly cutting down on the time for AD queries.)

I’m waiting to start playing around with using a NO-SQL product and am running info a lot of interesting walls. Mostly around dependencies and how to access the methods and properties of the NO-SQL products that I’ve tried.

  • UnQLite seems simple, in that it’s a single DLL but I have had no luck creating an object that I can use to any productive end.
  • I’m currently trying Couchbase but am running into a lot of interesting dependency issues related to other required DLL files.

Has anyone had success doing this with NO-SQL?

Aside: What I’m trying to accomplish, at least initially, is sucking the configuration of an application I manage into something like Couchbase / Mongo. As they better represent the structure of the configuration files.

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