IP address for -computername

My googlefu has failed me. Is there a way to substitute an IP address for a computername in the -computername parameter? For example, if I try: get-process -computername (which is the computer I’m on), I get an error (couldn’t connect to remote machine). But if I use the computer’s name, it works. So far […]

Excel Web Query through Powershell?

Not sure if this is possible. However, in Excel you can do a Web Query to import Data. Does anyone know if there is a way to automate this? For Example…. The Url I am importing through Excel is http://sonlite.dnr.state.la.us/sundown/cart_prod/cart_con_pshmonprod2?p_beg_date=2018&p_parish_code=04 I just want to change the parish code to the next number in a while […]

Beginner projects

Hi guys, So I’ve been learning azure for a while now on and off but still consider myself a beginner, the main issue I think is that I do not have a Hands on role so have no real world way to apply my skills. What I am looking for is beginner projects to work […]