Windows Forms XAML Designer like WPF?

I’m currently getting into programming, as I am an apprentice.

Yesterday we started to get some first views of Visual Studio and the overall environment. I already wrote some C# WPF code in the past, nothing worth mentioning, but there is some basic knowledge.

As I’m going to programm addons for SAP, I need to use Windows Forms, cause that’s what SAP uses.

I noticed, in comparison to WPF, that theres no XAML designer or even XAML code at all. Only the design tab with the window I’m working on.

Is there a way to get somthing like this in Windows Forms? I want to see the window and the XAML code for this window simultaneously. I’m faster adding UI controls using the XAML code. I don’t want to take my hand off of the keyboard, just to drag this UI element on the window using the mouse and clicking through it’s properties.

Am I missing something?

I appreciate any feedback.

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