RepoDb – a very fast lightweight ORM and has the perfect spices of Micro-ORM. Faster than Dapper! Rooting for the experts about this.

I have developed a new lightweight ORM from scratch that works perfectly the same as Dapper, but with more advance features. RepoDb supports Operations, Expression Trees, Caching, Tracing, Sql Statement Building, Recursive Query (this is awesome), Multi-Mapping, Type Mapping, Entity Object Mapping and Repository.

We are using RepoDb to speed-up our development and to correct the patterns and programming structures, and at the same time, processing our company’s data from raw (transforming it back to RDBMS databases). Please note that we are processing millions of data every day (hundred of millions or even billion) at some point.

RepoDb is far more superior than Dapper, specially the speed and the design. Here you can see the performance benchmark ( and you can download the tool by yourself. The features and the syntax is almost the same but is much more advance as I supported a one-brain-thinker awesome expression trees.

These are the things that I am looking at ORM frameworks that others are not doing: 1. Performance 2. Memory Optimization 3. A dynamic fast-switching feature between lightweight and massive ORM Operations usability. 4. An ORM that will live and survive between Big ORMs like (EF and NH) and lightweight ORMs like (Dapper and Massive).

Why use RepoDb? – Operations (Asynchronous) – Recursive Query – Cyclomatic Complexity – Type Mapping – Field Mapping – Multiple Mapping – Expression Tree – Caching – Tracing – SQL Statement Builder – Transactions

Why RepoDb is so fast? I have mastered ADO.Net in earlier framework versions and I am trying to be good in IL right now.



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