[Question] Export registry as hive

Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone knows how to export a loaded registry hive as a registry hive file. I need to export a user’s profile hive (ntuser.dat), however when using REG EXPORT and saving the export as a .dat file, it is technically being exported as a .reg and the extension simply being changed.

For example, exporting the user hive as a hive through regedit, the file is 1,100KB and can be loaded via regedit for browsing. When using REG EXPORT to export the file as .dat, it is 2,700KB and cannot be loaded via regedit.

We are having troubles with ntuser.dat files so I’m looking for a way to do this via powershell, rather than manually exporting the ones I need to. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them.


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