(MVVM/WPF) When observing a list of models, how do you retrieve the model a DataTemplate is observing so you can use it with your ViewModel?

Example: class ListItemModel { } class ListItemViewModel : BindableObject { private Model _model; public Model Model { get => _model; set { Set(ref _model, value, “Model”); } } } class ListItemView : UserControl { public View() { InitializeComponent(); var viewModel = new ListItemViewModel () { Model == // ?? }; DataContext = viewModel; } } […]

ASP.NET Core and Angular 6

I’m doing some research on how to use Angular 6 in an ASP.NET Core 2 project. I started off watching some Pluralsight videos, but those were for older versions of Angular. I then proceeded to hit up as many blog posts as I could. Again those were for older version of Angular. I ended up […]