More information about properties?

Hi all! I’m new to using PowerShell and one thing that keeps tripping me up is knowing exactly what my choices are in a property.

For instance, I’m trying to change the boot order of a generation 2 VM using PowerShell in VMM. I found the set-scvirtualmachine command and was able to do get-help set-scvirtualmachine. That gave me properties and what values can go into them. I know I can pipe set-scvirtualmachine into get-member as well (set-scvirtualmachine | get-member) and that gives me some useful information.

But in this case I’m trying to find out what options I have for entering the -FirstBootDevice property but all I’m told is the proper entry is a string. How do I find out what kind of formatting it wants? I am just trying to tell it to use the DVD drive to boot an ISO and it’s driving me mad.

I know I can use get-scvirtualmachine to see the properties set on any existing machines, but none of them are set the way I want and I can’t find a way to modify the string that it will accept. I’ve run into this same sort of problem with other commands and I just can’t figure out how to get what I need.

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