Discord VB Api Guild Permission help.

I’ve made a bot using VB.NET CORE and I would like to make a command that kicks, bans members, and purges messages after a certain time has passed(For example delete message after 5 min) how would I let my bot access those permissions?I’m new to Discord API v2 so I don’t know how to work it exactly.

Here’s how I currently write commands:

Imports Discord.Commands


Public Class CmdHelp

Inherits ModuleBase


Public Async Function Help() As Task

‘Await ReplyAsync($”Test, {Context.User.Mention}!”)

Await ReplyAsync(“Need Help?Here Are The Commands!”)

Await ReplyAsync(“Where you see a <> tag is were you place in what is inside of the tags for example <AnimeName> = AN!FairyTail”)

Await ReplyAsync(“—————————————————————————“)

Await ReplyAsync(“an!Season — Tells you which anime is coming out or already out this season, And how many episodes they have(if comfirmed).”)

Await ReplyAsync(“an!AnimeSites — Shows you were you can watch anime for free if you can’t find a good one.”)

End Function

End Class

I Import this class into the main program.

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