Data paging in WPF is turning out to be a constant headache

I’m using MVVM in an emailer application custom written for the client. Its basically a mailing list.

When the user loads contacts who will receive his emails, the system takes 100 contacts at a time. Each Previous / Next button click skips PageNumber * PageSize contacts and gets the next 100 on his list. This in an effort to reduce load times since he said he’d be working on contact lists of some 50000 records which would probably suck up a lot of memory.

Now most of my work over the last 15 years has been in websites so naturally I took that kind of approach to paging which I was told a while ago is not actually appropriate for a WPF app.

Now the client’s telling me he was on page 19 and the app crashed now he’s got to go through paging individually through all 18 pages to get back there on an exclusively Previous / Next paging model.

I’d really love it if anyone could suggest a better way to do this… Client suggested a dropdown that would allow him to select a page…

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