c# code, how safe is this? (everything included)

where is this software on the entire web?

  • nobody seems to know of a software app that does this, im assuming it exist in 2018 tho

  • macos, win10

timeframe to make

  • i also wanted to know what’s the expereince/knoweldge-equivalent to academic classes/semesters to make something liek this

  • they were self-taught so pretty hard to guesstimate/approximate

comptuer secrutiy

  • while anyone could just put links on their site to download (and i never check if the things i download are safe)

  • and since that is not that diff from reddit, why even check if it’s safe?

  • (any sites that auto-checks btw?)

verification of the safeness is still from a reddit user so it kinda doesnt make sense to ask this.. but this is mitigated & hedged cos it’s typically very easy to tell the quality of a user

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