Basal Visual Basic?

I’m a visual basic newb. I’m futzing about on a windows 7 workstation. I don’t know what is installed on it. I double-click this vbs file:


I get the expected ‘hello’ message box, I think: Great! this computer has visual basic on it, I can do some automation without having to install anything… But I start experimenting and I find this is not the case.

imports system 

tells me that ‘system’ is not an available namespace… I cannot even try system.version to find out what visual basic is running here. There is clearly SOME version of visual basic here, but it seems like nothing in the msdn docs for VB is usable. I would like to write some scripts that I can run on a variety of computers without needing to install a bunch of crap first… is this possible?

The question: What can I do on this system without installing anything?

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