Kudu Learning Resources

Hello, from what I’ve learned so far, Kudu is pretty sweet. I’m wondering if anyone has any good learning resources for it they could share? I’ve looked over the docs which are pretty good but I’m looking to find some more tutorials and usage with custom deployments and such. I’ll update this post with them […]

Logon Script Help!

Hello! So I got tasked with providing information upon the logon of users to support a bigger task of migration, upgrades, and future development across our organization. It seemed to be a simple task. I had to gather the following information into two .CSV’s: -CSV 1 Username Computername IP Network printers that the user has […]

Variable expansion in strings

I’m working on a script and what to give feedback to the user (mostly me). The following works. $files = dir $Drive -Recurse -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $files |foreach { $name = $_.VersionInfo.filename write-host “Working on $name” But if re-write the last two lines to combine them like so: write-host “Working on {0}” -f $_.VersionInfo.filename and/or write-host […]