What should I use for the sleekest UI?

Currently I have a fairly large project built in Web Forms, and I’m looking to begin transitioning into something a little less dated. Fortunately, I rarely use any of the actual asp controls, and largely rely on Web Methods and AJAX calls to load content after the page has been loaded.

However loading more complex and dynamic html content through responses to the AJAX calls and web methods is starting to get more and more time consuming, and I’d also like to make the UI as sleek as possible with page transitions. I’ve been reading a lot about react and vue, and would ultimately like to transitioning to using one of these for the front-end.

What would be ideal to keep all of my back-end code in c#, and use vue or react to create all of the html as well as add page transitions? Should I move towards MVC or Web API? I’m very lost on how to start this transition or even where to go from the web forms project to just make creating the front-end easier. All this coding now I’m doing is very JavaScript heavy with the AJAX calls loading dynamic content.

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