Trying to organize a large amount of files.

I recently downloaded every single playboy photo album (167 Gb) from their website by using powershell to run mouse macros, create folders, and check for errors. I now need to reorganize the collection. I think it should be fairly simple to do it alphabetically by name. I want Powershell to recursively scan through a folder of thousands of albums, create a folder based on a model’s name, and move all albums for that particular model into the new folder.

Every album name contains the the model’s name. Some of the albums are named like “playmate-xtra06-sara-jean-underwood” with the model’s name last. Other albums have the model’s name first like, “marilyn-monroe-playboy-covers”. I am not sure how to get powershell to recognize which part of the string is the model’s name. I am a noob at this. Plz help.

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