This script works sometimes but then stops working…why?

I run this powershell script to display notification messages: [void] [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“System.Windows.Forms”) $notifyobj = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon $notifyobj.icon = “c:/users/Dell/Pictures/Icons/icon.ico” $notifyobj.BalloonTipTitle = “New Message” $notifyobj.BalloonTipText = “C” $notifyobj.Visible = $True $notifyobj.ShowBalloonTip(1000) $notifyobj.Dispose() I create a .vbs file to load the script so that way I can use it with task scheduler. Here’s what the .vbs script looks […]

Microsoft Learning – 20533 – Lab setup help

Hi, Work has paid for some online training for 533 exam which include online videos and some labs. The issue is the labs just say loginto VMxyz and no information how to build/where to get the VM image from. Doing some searching online i believe the lab document is based on i have built […]

Bing Visual Search API C# SDK issue

I’m trying to make a simple tool that uses the Bing Visual Search API thingy. I’m following this guide to set up the SDK, but the API response seems to be pretty much empty no matter which image I pass to that Search method: var ms = await DownloadStream(img); var res = await client.Images.VisualSearchMethodAsync(image: ms, […]

8. C# – Constants

A constant refers to a fixed value that the application cannot change during its execution. The constants are treated just like regular variables except that their values cannot be modified after their definition… #csharp #dotnet #learncsharp submitted by /u/ervis_trupja [link] [comments]

Are there any alternative to AutoQuery?

I really like the concept of ServiceStacks AutoQuery where the defined models are instantly filterable and searchable without any additional work. I find writing filters on large projects to be time consuming and repetitive so this is really nice feature. Is there anything else that does the same thing that is compatible with entity framework? […]