How do I hide the Powershell console window when running a script?

I use a script which shows notifications that’s executed using task scheduler: [void] [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“System.Windows.Forms”) $notifyobj = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon $notifyobj.icon = “c:/users/Dell/Pictures/Icons/icon.ico” $notifyobj.BalloonTipTitle = “New Message” $notifyobj.BalloonTipText = “C” $notifyobj.Visible = $True $notifyobj.ShowBalloonTip(1000) $notifyobj.Dispose() I tried adding “-windowstyle hidden” to the end of the argument box but it doesn’t work. Here’s what pops up whenever I […]

PSWriteWord – PowerShell Module to create Microsoft Word documents without Word installed…

I wanted to share something new with you today. PowerShell module called PSWriteWord. As the name suggest this little module is able to create Microsoft Word documents on the fly from PowerShell. The tricky part is … it doesn’t require Microsoft Word installed on the machine to work. As always source is available on GitHub, […]

program walk throughs

I just started working with C# and programming in general. I have been going through some classes online to learn but the class seems to be moving rather quickly. I notice I need to work through more examples incorporating WPF and later data bases. I am hoping to find a place (Videos or sites) that […]

definition of event handler help

Is this not the correct definition of event handler? An Event handler is an application that processes a lot of different activities such as keyboard and mouse operations etc. There are lots of different examples of mouse movement such as dragging the “timer” from the toolbox onto the “form Box”. submitted by /u/TerenceOG [link] [comments]

Learning C# OpenGL/OpenTK

Can someone Reccomend me a Good Tutorial Explaining how to use OpenTK/OpenGL in C#? It doesn’t need to be a 3D Tutorial, it can be a 2D Series or Video Explaining everything i Need to Know to start Coding a Standalone Game without Much help needed. submitted by /u/WhiteRedWolf [link] [comments]