.Net Developer struggling with career path issues in Bay Area

Hi All,

I’ve been doing C# for about 10 years now. I’ve never had trouble finding work. Unfortunately, a lot of the jobs I’ve had are more blended roles where I’ve been a business analyst and a programmer doing LOB apps.

This past year I’ve gotten a job doing C# and really picked it up a notch. I have a team and been getting a lot better at algorithms, data structures and I can see the evolution in my code. I honestly do enjoy C# (and F#). I also started a MS in Computer Science part time.

That said, I live in a super expensive area (Bay Area) and I’m trying to find a job that would give me a little bit of a bump so I can afford to live here.

What I’m finding is that there are NO C# jobs here. I can’t figure out if its just because LOB applications are increasingly going away and being replaced by Salesforce and other platforms OR if the Bay Area is just an anomaly in the job market.

I feel kind of panicked because I’ve been looking for a month and there are very, very few .NET jobs here–certainly not full stack. What I’m seeing is that there is a ton of node.js out there and there is a ton of back end engineering work out there–none of which my C# skills particularly equip me for.

For years, my friends in the Bay Area warned me to stay away from C# and switch stacks…has the .NET apocalypse finally arrived or is it just that the Bay Area is a super weird job market?

Anybody have any advice?

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